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Our heroes live on an island called Arising Remains, it’s a small place that survived many forest fires. One day a mad alchemist called BALTHAZAR made an experiment that ruined everything for everyone who lives in Arising Remains. The dimensions started to shift between evil and good. Our heroes try to escape but this didn’t go unnoticed, Balthazar found out!
He sent enemies to fight the heroes who tried their best to fend the monsters of but lost and died

At the moment of their death, the dimension started to shift again. So now they are stuck between heaven and hell.

To  escape this void they have to fight against each other. The winner gets to be released from this ethernal hell


Heaven vs. Hell is a top down fighting game for 2 to 4 players. 


In hell they have to fight each other to the death with melee weapons till the time runs out. 

There are numerous traps that can damage the player . The more damage the player deals to his/her opponent, the more corruption points they get.

 If the total amount of corruption reaches a certain point the stage switches to heaven.


 In Heaven the player can’t do melee attacks but instead  have to push their opponents of the level to aid them they have long ranged weapons that do no damage

 If the player falls of the map a certain amount of their health will be taken.  

The players  with corruption points  will be slower in heaven slowly those points gradually decrease till the total hits 0. Then the stage returns to hell.

 And this loops till one player remains



Group_04_HvH.zip 34 MB
HvH_v1.6_15.05.2019.zip 30 MB
HvH_v1.5_08.05.2019.zip 22 MB
HvH_v1.4_24.04.2019.zip 44 MB
HvH_v1.4_03.04.2019.zip 21 MB
HvH_v1.3_27.03.2019.zip 20 MB
HvH_v1.1_20.03.2019.zip 19 MB
HvH_v1.0_13.03.2019.zip 19 MB
HvH_v0.2_06.03.2019.zip 19 MB
HvH_v0.1_27.02.2019.zip 16 MB

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